Call Routing Services

Tele-Name offers its clients two type of call routing service bundles, one designed for typical small business needs and another with more advanced features for larger, more complex operations.

Bundle #1 - Shared-Use Call Routing

Basic Area Code Routing is used by the majority of our clients. It simply means each client receives 100% of the calls from the area code(s) they select. The caller dials the number, and it rings directly at our member's business location. The "routing" of the call is transparent to the caller. If you are the owner of a business with one, two, three or four locations, the Basic Area Code Routing is what we will use to direct your calls. If multiple locations are in the same market area, you can choose to have the calls directed to the closest location to that of the caller.

Basic Area Code Routing

You select the area code(s) that you serve, and our system automatically routes all calls generated from within the selected area codes to your telephone. You choose where you want the calls to ring to, your office, cell phone, home phone, answering service, etc. No additional equipment or new lines are needed.

Call Detail Monthly you will receive a Call Detail Report which will show the calls you received, date and time of the call, the length of the call, the caller's phone number, city and state.

Bundle #2 - Optional Advanced Routing Features For Regional or National Companies

Our Advanced Routing Features (also know as "Dealer-Locator Routing") are for multi-location, regional and national companies or franchisors that wish to use a Vanity number to direct calls to the location nearest the caller. Our system allows your company to cover multiple area codes, states or even the entire US, and can route calls up to 3,000 locations. The features listed below can be combined providing you with various options for designing the exact call experience for your customers. Tele-Name looks forward to being able to custom build a Call Routing Design that will enhance your advertising response rate as well as provide your callers with an easy-to-remember vanity number.

Closest Location (Dealer) Routing

For companies with multiple locations. Callers will automatically be connected to the location nearest to them based upon the callers phone number and location.


Radius Routing

If you have multiple locations, the call can be routed to the nearest location based on a radius. If there is more then one location near the caller, the caller will hear a selection of locations and will then choose which location to be connected.

Radius: If you use a 10-mile radius, you receive all calls 10 miles distance from that location.

Exchange Routing Calls are routed based on the area code and first 3 digits of the caller's phone number. You can route callers by counties or cities to the nearest location.
Menu/Prompt Routing Enables you to create menu options with professionally recorded prompts & music.
Zip Code Routing Callers are asked to input their zip code and are routed to the closest location.

Customized Routing Solutions: Please call Joe Lenberg at 1-800-780-0000 ext 4 to discuss the above or any special type of call routing for your company. At Tele-Name Communications, we are constantly improving all aspects of call routing including being the only vanity number company to now offer cell tower routing for cellular calls. Joe can also be reached via email